17 great online business ideas you can start

You have a dream but don’t have a business idea. In this article, we will tell you 17 amazing online business ideas for men and women both as well as for students.

We have always thought to earn money about why we have to go to the office or someplace other than home to work. But guess what, we don’t have to. Our parents and teachers have always taught us traditional thinking that is we have to go someplace else every day and work in someone else company to earn money.

They are right, But in 2021 we can do business even from our own home. We don’t have to go outside every day to work. We can’t just work from home we can even do some business from home.  We don’t have to purchase an expensive building to start our business. Once it reaches a required point you can buy as many as pricey buildings you want to. So we have come with different online business ideas for you to start.

Online business ideas for both men and women as well as students:

There are many fields in which you can start an online business from home. This article gives you a brief knowledge of online business ideas. In 2021 there are many different online business ideas that you can try. So, without wasting your precious time let’s get started.

1.Social media influencer:

Social Media Influencer

We don’t think that we have to give you a detailed explanation of this because you might also have subscribed to many influencers. there are many influencers nowadays.  You may know tik-tok or Instagram influencers get a lot of fame as well as money. These people once get popular are signed in many ads or do the ads for companies. which is quite a bit benefit able.

You just have to create an account on any of the social media apps which is quite popular (because you don’t want to create an account on the app with a low user base). Then you just create your useful, entrainment, or amusing content/videos.

2.Become a writer:

You can become an online writer even give solutions to other people online. You can write some inspirational books and then sell them on amazon or publish a book online for free some time. When you gain some popularity then sell your upcoming books on amazon.

3.Become a novelist:

If you have a hobby or interest in writing then you can become a novelist too. You can write a romantic novel, horror, or sci-fi. You can publish these novels on apps like the babel app, Fox novel app, etc. It is the one of most easy online business ideas.

4.Giving online tuitions:

Giving online tuitions

You can give online tuitions to the student. You can even get 60+ students in one online class. When you gain trust, your student gets more improved marks then you can even have more students and start publicizing your business through ads. After that, you can hire other people too for online giving tuitions. It is one of the most respectful online business ideas.

5.Create your courses:

If you are a perfectionist in a specific subject or field like the stock market or mathematics, then you can sell these course tuitions online and gain profit. These days more people are preferring online courses. Therefore in 2021, it is more profitable to create an online course and then sell it online. But you should create courses of high video quality and use a good number of animations; which leads to our next point.

6.Software Expert:

For most of the videos or video courses, we need some kind of software. There are many people who don’t know how to use these software apps. But they need these apps or some software for their business but they don’t know how to use them. So here you come and help them at your own home by charging some services fee. In 2021 it is one of the most appreciable online business ideas. After some time when you have a firm grip on the business, you can hire some people to do some of the work and hence create your own business.

7.Editing or animation video:

In 2021 where everyone is creating either course videos or lengthy videos or some short videos, they need someone who can do the animation or editing for them. So here you come as their savior. You can do these works for them and when your business reaches a certain profit point then you can hire some professionals too. It is the most profitable idea of online business ideas article because in 2021 everyone is a fan of either short videos or some pretty photos.

8.Jewelry designer:

You may not have heard about this, but a Jewelry designer is also one of the unique online business ideas. You can design Jewelry and send these drafts to some companies who are main and have fame in this industry. But beware you have to be patient in this field. It mostly depends on your talent too. If you have a passion or hobby in this; you should give it a try.


These days online blogging is very popular among people. You can create a good quality blog (An article) or website. Here the qualities are not just rich content but good images and good background themes. When your blog or website gets the first rank on that topic or gets good traffic (Visitors) you can also make money from it. In this you

  • purchase a domain
  • You select a niche (Topic)
  • You write quality article or articles (containing at least 1,000 Words per article)
  • Publish it.

AND That`s it. Nowadays people are making a lot of money from this that you can’t even imagine.   

10.Affiliated marketing:

The above-said method is useful for getting income from google by their google Adsense method. But you can also earn more money from affiliating market than google Adsense. In this method, you first do the above method (explained in point 9), But here is the trick. You can get courses or products to sell by giving links in that article and sell it with a commission of at least 40%.

Now here is the catch you can’t just go and do it. You have to sell the products of trustworthy companies because there are chances that some companies may do fraud with you. You can earn millions with this method if you know the strategies. You can get a list of good companies from trustworthy websites. If you want to know the names of websites then leave a comment below. We would love to answer your Query.

11.Create Websites for other people:

Some people are doing some sort of business. But some people don’t know this field, therefore need a source/other people to create their website or manage it. This is much more profitable if you know the details; you have to do less work as compared to the above-said method. If you want to know other details, Write a detailed note in the comment section so that we can help you to solve your query.

12.Become a Motivational speaker:

Become Motivational speaker

If you have the talent or passion in this field you can become a motivational speaker through U-tube videos or Instagram. By doing so you are helping people to get inspiration as well as earning money, fame. This is great because you are also contributing to society. But you have to be careful to provide good and quality information to listeners /followers.

13.Become a fashion Consultant:

We think it is one of the very good online business ideas. You can design clothes according to your preference and current trend. You will have to continuously know the current trend and what is now famous. When you acquire perfectionism and some knowledge you can get in contact with some listed companies too.


YouTube is also one of the beneficial social media platforms. Because of this, we are also paid by YouTube for our YouTube video views. But it’s quite difficult too in starting your YouTube career. You must fulfill some requirements to be recommended by YouTube. When you fulfill the conditions of YouTube you get more views, ads (from which you get money), You can also sponsor other companies/people’s products, which can get you a lot of benefits. If you want to know the full details you can post a comment.

15.Sell Your paintings online:

If you are a good painter, You can sell your paintings online because many people love to buy nice paintings. Once you get the recognition you can also open your art gallery. But you have to create masterpieces with a conscious mind.

16.Sell handmade goods:

If you have the skill then it is a very wise option. There are many handmade goods to sell online. From a tiny thing like a greeting card to a piece of furniture, everything can be sold online. You just to think and build, then you can just sell it online.

17.Graphic designing:

Graphic designing is the most scope-able business. All the images in this article are designed by our website’s graphic designer. You can also design customized images for businesses or logos for businesses. It is more profitable you can also use professional software or even software like Microsoft PowerPoint.


To Connect your business with the most no. of people; “online” is the best platform. You can expand your business at a new level through an online platform. There are many different online business ideas that you can start. Through this divine knowledge, you should start an online business and reach new levels of success.

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