9 Tactics to start an e-commerce business from scratch

Our world is now changing from offline shopping to online. You should advance your business according to new trends and changes. Nowadays you need to achieve your goal to start an e-commerce business. For this purpose, you need to start your business online and if you already have a business you have to bring your offline business to an online platform i.e. you need an e-commerce business. You can have an online business as well as an offline business.

How to start an e-commerce business:

If you want to build an e-commerce business and make it grow to a great height then you need to consider many factors. The steps to consider are for starting an e-commerce business:


When having an e-commerce business you need to find a product that you want to sell online. While analyzing what product to sell on e-commerce business you need to first completely analyze the product you have considered to sell. For this purpose, you need to analyze the factors affecting your products and many more. For this purpose you need to consider the following factors:

  • Raw material
  • Certification if required for your product
  • storage of your product

For deep knowledge about factors affecting products, you need to check out our article Growing your business: 7 things to consider.

2.The direction of business:

The direction of business


When you think of starting an e-commerce business you first should think of the direction of the business. First, you should think about what achievements you want your business to achieve, what is the purpose of this business, and what strategies you have to use to achieve your goals. You will just wander away from success without any direction rather than achieve any life goal. If you want to become a successful businessman you need to think of the direction of your business.

For this purpose to serve you have to build a complete road map for your e-commerce business. Building a road map can increase your business growth to achieve your goals by the time period set by you. So road map is very essential for your You have to build a complete road map for your e-commerce business.

3.Competitor Analysis:

When you have considered your product and have finalized your e-commerce business goals, you should do a complete competitor analysis. Competitor analysis is very useful for your business. It will provide you much important information. Competitors are our direct knowledge source. You can analyze your competitors to build strategies for your e-commerce business and watching their short comping to improve your e-commerce business.

4.Learning Google SEO:

When you have an e-commerce business you should know that you are on google and have to rank up your website and build authority on google. For this purpose to serve you first you should install google search console and keyword analyzer. Before just starting an e-commerce business you should first learn about google search I deep. If you want another article on it let us know in the comment section

Learning Google SEO

5.Deciding the name of your business:

Deciding the name of your business

When having an e-commerce business name of the business or domain name is very important. You should think of a name that is related to your products or show the purpose of the business or something unique but not too much different relating to your business. You should remember that it is not too difficult to pronounce, it is unique as well as related to your business.

Designing logo

When you have decided on your business name or domain name in the next step you design your business logo. If you are an expert then you can design the logo by yourself but if you are not then you should hire someone to design it for you. You can give your thoughts and let them a make logo for you. But you must consider that the logo should be attractive unique and according to your business.

7.Designing your website:

Designing your website

For starting an e-commerce business you need to have a website. For creating a website you have to consider many factors. When you do business you sell your products online but you just can’t directly have money from the customer’s bank account. For this purpose, PayPal, Cashfree Razorpay, etc. are the technologies used. You can open your shopping website using WordPress’s WooCmmerce plugin. If you can’t manage you can hire someone trustworthy to manage your website too.

8.Permits, licenses, rules & regulations:

Permits, licenses, rules & regulations

When starting an e-commerce business you need to check that your business is according to rules and regulations. You should study many perspectives of permits and licenses. You don’t want your business or website to violate any rule.

9.Advertisement of your business:

Advertisement of your business

After you start a business you need to advertise your business. You can have advertisements for your business according to your budget. You can do social media advertisements or you can also make your ads for business.


In 2021 e-commerce business is the most profitable business. You should start an e-commerce business then build a proper strategy and implement it while considering various factors such as designing your website, competitor analysis, learning Google SEO, etc. With hard work and proper strategy, you can definitely achieve your desired results.

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