Growing your business: 7 things to consider

Everybody wants to have a business which is well known in their own country as well as internationally. Growing your business gives you a higher possibility of great business. By growing your business nationally and internationally you can increase your brand value and bring your business to a higher level of success.

Nowadays every proprietor wants to expand his business by any legal means to increase their market. You can expand your business through various factors. For this reason, we have brought the answer to your many doubts and questions.

Growing your business:

You want to grow your business nationally and internationally but you have to consider many factors as a proprietor. You have to build a strategy for growing your business like how to manage expenses, you have to consider foreign people’s likes and dislikes, and many more. Let’s get started to know various factors in considering how to grow your business nationally as well as internationally:

1.Your product:

If you have only one product to sell then you can manage it more easily than if you have multiple products to sell. But if you want to sell multiple different products you have to consider many factors. If you want to grow your business internationally you have to consider factors affecting your product nationally and internationally. These are:

Your Product

  • Raw material:

If you want to produce your product even in a foreign land you should consider whether your product requires physical raw material. For this, you have to think many factors related to this i.e.

  1. Availability of the raw material.
  2. Manufacturing place and raw material providing place distance.
  3. Either the manufacturing place and the raw material place has some distance, then, transportation costs.
  • Manufacturing of product:

When you manufacture a product you need to bear many expenses before gaining profit. In the manufacturing place, you have to take care of worker salary expenses, machines expenses and its packaging costs, etc.

  • Miscellaneous:

There are many other miscellaneous points for you to consider before finalizing your product. These are:

  1. Does your product need certification?
  2. What is your consideration for SKU (i.e. stock-keeping unit is a scannable bar code printed on product labels)
  3. Is your product competitive with products of the same purposes of different companies?
  4. What is unique and attractive in your product?
  5. If you are exporting your products in foreign then is your product expensive than the products in that place.
  6. If your products are more expensive than other products serving the same purpose, is your company have enough brand value for customers to buy your products for the extra price?

2.Storage place:

Storage place

When the product is finalized with its packaging you have to store them in a place for some time. So you should have to find a storage place for your products. You may want to find this storage place near your manufacturing company to reduce some expenses. Remember to check out if the storage place is friendly according to your product. Either you can rent a place or you can build one of your own. You should remember you don’t have to buy because first, you have to check if that product will be profitable in the future and have enough goodwill to stabilize your company.

3.The market of your product:

The market of your product

When you want to expand your business you have to know about the market and its trend. You have to analyze your target audience. Your product’s market, either your product is the raw material for other business or a complete product ready to sell, you have to analyze and contact the place where you want to sell your products either in other companies or supermarket. You should have a deep discussion with them before just jumping on your final product in the market so as to reduce unnecessary challenges.

4.Advertisement of your business:

You don’t have personal contacts to advertise and you have to think above selling your product to only a bunch of people. So to serve this purpose you have to get your product and your business known to people through advertising. You can make use of many advertising means, these are:

  • Social media:

Social media

You can advertise your business through social media. Social media can reach more customers than through any else means. But it can be expensive. We have already discussed social media advertisement in our previous article.

  • Newspaper:


Newspaper is read by a no. of users especially old generations and men. It can be used to interact and spread your new business information to people who don’t use social media platforms.

  • Television:


You can promote your business on television. It provides us various means to advertise our business among people such as advertisement ads, a show on specific time such as cooking shows. One can advertise on television according to his own reach of expenses.

To know in deep about the advertisement for growing your business you can watch our article How to do Online advertising: 11 best methods.

5.Online platform:

Nowadays every business is using an online platform either in this or that way. You should create a website for your business or can even launch an app. In 2021 as a proprietor, you should take your business to an online platform so that you can increase your customer reach and thus take your business to a new level of success by growing your business.



Your customers or clients are the most important for you and your business. You should do market research from time to time so as to match with the changes in people because everybody changes. You should consider the changes and give a new direction and changes to your product or services so that your products or services do not become outdated. By going so you can keep growing your business even when the world starts to change.

When people change; their choices also change and it gives you new possibilities to produce new products and grow your business even more by expanding your fields of business. You should grab new opportunities so as to keep growing your business. You should try to attract new customers and convert them into loyal customers by means of customer service and many others. If you want another article on it comment below to let us know.


The growth of a business depends not only on the owner and his wise decisions but also depends on employees. Employees give more analytical knowledge of changes in your products or services and required changes in your products or services. They give more new ideas to keep your business growing and will help your idea of growing your business to a great height. This happens only if they consider working in your company their own passion.

This will happen only if you provide your employees good facilities and good treatment. As a proprietor, your employees should not be afraid of stating their new ideas or view regarding any of the new projects to you. You should provide good working facilities so that they can work properly in your company. But keep caution you can’t be too friendly with your employees so as to have complete control over your company.


Everybody wants to have a growing business but without proper strategies, it can’t be possible. For this, you have to consider many factors to keep growing your business. In 2021 you must analyze your products or services, market trends, customer analysis, advertisement, and employee treatment, etc are very important factors for you to keep growing your business to a great height.

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