How to do dropshipping on Amazon in only 5 minutes

Dropshipping on Amazon is increasing rapidly in 2021 due to its many benefits. The dropshipping business has increased a lot in previous years as it contains work from home convenience and profit too. Amazon has become the biggest e-commerce business. The customer base of amazon is increasing rapidly every year. This customer base will help you set up your dropshipping business on amazon more easily than on other platforms.

Dropshipping on Amazon:

Dropshipping on Amazon Store

Amazon accepts dropshipping with certain conditions. You can sell the products to customers then give the order detail to the retailer who ships the order under your name to customers. This is how dropshipping with amazon works. For dropshipping on amazon, you have to work under conditions set by amazon. If you comply with amazon’s seller policy then you can do dropshipping on Amazon.

Dropshipping on amazon can be done only if the retailer is convinced to sell or ship the items or products under your name.

This type of policy is made by Amazon to create the trust of customers in amazon. If the customer orders a product from you and due to dropshipping the retailer ship the product under his name to the customer, then the customer will be confused to find an unfamiliar name on shipping details or product’s detail. Customer will be confused to whom to call when he finds fault at the product and ultimately will not be satisfied with this situation. So, to avoid this amazon has a seller policy that says that shipment or bill or any other detail on product or shipment must show the seller’s detail not the retailer’s.

Amazon consumes less time to create a store than you think. You need 24 hours to set up the store on amazon. But you may have to wait for some time to get approved by amazon. You can ease your responsibility by dropshipping. If you are using dropshipping on Amazon, you would be listing your products online without actually holding physical inventory.

If you want to do dropshipping on Amazon, then you have to consider and carefully read the rules of amazon for sellers. Mainly you should be the seller of the product in records and you will be responsible for a customer returning the product and processing it. Like traditional dropshipping Amazon doesn’t allow the retailer to ship the products directly to customers.

However, dropshipping on amazon is not directly allowed but many of the stores sell using dropshipping. They use the supplier to ship the product or items to customers. This practice is commonly used by many stores on amazon. But you need to have a contract with the retailer to ship the products or items under your name otherwise you will get your selling account on amazon suspended.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping on Amazon. Before starting dropshipping on amazon you need to carefully consider its advantages and disadvantages.

The dropshipping on amazon through this matter mainly lack delivery speed. The delivery speed of the product is delayed so much that the customer feels a little frustrated. To prevent this you can use Amazon FBA.

What is Amazon FBA:

Amazon wants to grow its e-commerce business to a whole level where it can satisfy customers. FBA refers to Fulfillment by Amazon. It handles customer-related problems like returns and provides tracking of orders to customers. Mainly it provides delivery of orders earlier than other methods.

It is good for small stores because it will show fulfillment by amazon. As the order shows fulfillment by amazon it gives comfort to customers that their product will arrive unharmed and satisfactory. So, with this, you will gain authority among customers. You can have any type of dropshipping at a good speed.

Amazon has created the FBA program which picks your products, stores them, and ships them to customers under your name. In addition to this, due to FBA, you will be able to offer prime service to your customers. As you know in 2021 everything comes at a price, you will have to pay for the price using this service. The fees you pay for it will be according to your product. If the product weight lesser, then the cost will be lesser. You can store the products for 6 months, but after it does not sell, you have to pay extra costs.

Amazon FBA is not like a traditional dropshipping business. But Amazon FBA saves you from extra product hazel regarding storage, shipping, return and fast delivery speed.

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