How to do Online advertising: 11 best methods

For any business to perform excellently it is required to publicize it. So that many people who have not yet tried services from your business will know your enterprise/business/brand. To serve this purpose we use the mean of advertisement. Nowadays there are a lot of means by using them you can publicize your business. Nowadays a billion people are using the internet. By use of the internet, your business can reach millions and billions of people within a minute.

Online advertising:

As we know online advertising is more beneficial to the business. It is because there are billions of users using the internet nowadays with whom can you connect. So let’s get started to know about various advertising methods, Here are some of the online advertising method about whom you need to know:

1. Facebook ads:

Facebook is one of the most popular Social media platforms. It has roughly 2.8 billion users. Now you can see how important is Facebook as an advertising platform. It helps you to provide a large audience. You can do this by:

  • For Facebook ads first, you have to create a Facebook business page.
  • Then you can select the option Ads manager as shown below.
  • Then you have to create your ad-related information for online advertising.

Facebook ads

2. G-mail ads:

Nowadays every user has a google account. If he has a google account it means that he has a Gmail account. There are many people who check their inbox i.e. mailbox every day. Your audience will only see a teaser of your add which can be in any format i.e. videos, photos, forms, etc. By clicking on the teaser they can see an expanded version of your ad.

3. Youtube ads:

There are now 2.3 billion active users on YouTube. Youtube ads are now the most popular. These ads are shown when YouTube videos are being played. You can create these ads keeping in mind your target audience, their preference, your budget.

Youtube ads

4. Instagram Ads:

In 2021, the Instagram app serves the purpose of communication through short videos or photographs. We can even create a Facebook account then log into Instagram using that account that’s how anyone can know that it is a Facebook company’s app. So, it has a large no. of users and Nowadays it is the most important social media platform. We can use this app to advertise our business. On Instagram, we can do photos ads as well as videos ads or we can get in touch with social media influencer who is quite famous. So these online advertising methods are very beneficial for our business because on Instagram these ads will be seen in a short time by a large no. of people.

Instagram Ads

5. Pinterest Ads:

Pinterest is a hidden secret advertising method many of you don’t know. We can say that it has more active users than Instagram and Facebook per month. Studies have shown that most people purchase through Pinterest-promoted pins. Many of the people who buy don’t even know that they are promoted pins because Pinterest is well organized. It only shows the users what they intend to see. There are a large number of active users of Pinterest who are women. Pinterest ads do not contain only image format but contain videos also. So overall Pinterest is the best online advertising method with less amount of money. But this information can vary according to a person.

Pinterest Ads


Pinterest ads are available in specific countries only here is the list. You should check the given image to know if it’s available in your country.

Pinterest Ads

6. Newspaper ads:

You can say that this article is about online advertising. But it is an important advertising method which should be introduced to you and it is very famous. It is very cheap compared to other methods but is known by everyone. Most people read newspapers, But its user is especially men and old age people. If your business is focused on teenagers and adults then it is not for you. Many people read e-newspaper too.

7. Google search ads:

There are over a billion active users on google which are increasing rapidly. Google has the facility for businessmen to promote their business through advertisements on the Google platform. Users who are searching for relating to your ads will be able to see your ads. Because of high active users advertising on google can expensive. But if you can afford it then your ad will be seen by a large no. of people.

Google ads

Google Ads

8. Twitter ads:

In 2021, active users are over 100 Million. But it is increasing 8-9% every year and has great potential in the future. It’s mostly about 70% or above revenue is earned through online ads. For another online advertising method, using Twitter as an advertising platform is of great benefit. In twitter images or videos, you pay for the performance. It has a low rate of cost per click which is again beneficial to you. So, Twitter is a good online advertisement platform but with quite a small user base for now. But still, its user base is not ignorable.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads

9. Mobile ads:

Now you that this advertisement has a large no. of the user base. As we can see sometimes there are ads on our mobile to whom we didn’t subscribe it is all due to this advertisement method. It can be useful in the case of people who don’t have Twitter or Instagram or Facebook accounts.

10. Game ads:

Now in 2021 games are most popular among teenagers, men, and old age people. You can get a lot of visitors on your ads if shown in between games or through some other method by them. They are used now a lot as an online advertising method.

11. Novel ads:

Nowadays many people love to read novels either romantic or frictional and its user base is continuously growing. You can contacts these companies for your advertisement because their big source of income is from advertisement only which is definitely seen by users because they provide users some coins for watching an advertisement. These coins can be used to unlock novel chapters without expanding real money so it is a guaranty that users will see your advertisement.


Any business needs advertisement. But what method he wants to use depends on the interpreter. Choosing wisely you can choose the best advertising method according to your budget and your business targeted audience. If you want to know further information on each method separately please let us know in the comment section we would love to remove your query.

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