Secrets to building customer loyalty

Every business needs customers to sell either their products or some services. If the business have some customer loyalty then the business is said to have repeated customers. Business can make estimate that a definite portion of product will be sold due to customer loyalty or brand loyalty.

To get new customers you need to do promotions which are quite expensive. Seeing promotions, they buy your products or services but what after that. If they don’t return, you have to attract new buyers. For that purpose, you have to do promotions. To sustains your business from going bankrupt you will be spending quite a lot to attract new customers without having your previous one return. So, in order to grow your business, you should turn these first-time buyers into loyal customers i.e. having customer loyalty. In this article, we will talk about how to have active customer loyalty and how to keep them with various methods.

How to build Customers loyalty:

As said above every business need customer loyalty. To turn every customer into your customers you will have to do a lot of work. You have to do various methods as well as maintaining profit too. Here are some methods to turn your new customers into loyal customers.

1.Giving Discount for customer loyalty:

Nowadays everywhere you can see that each business is giving discounts of some kind so as to attract new customers and maintaining previous ones. For e.g. if a store gives product X on 200 points and your store with a discount gives at 170 points, it is simple that you will have a lot more customers because by choosing you they can save their money. Your previous one will also be attracted to your given discount offer. Hence before choosing other stores to buy something, they will give you the first preference because they have now trust in your brand that they will save money and your brand is budget-friendly.

As you can see that every product has a 30% discount or 15% etc. It is done only to serve this purpose as well as to attract new ones.

2.Product satisfaction:

If you want to turn new customers into loyal customers while maintaining the previous loyal customers, you have to give them a perfect product. Before your product leaves the manufacturer’s company, you should give them a final check so as to maintain your product quality and your brand value. If your business is big that you can’t watch every single product them hire some people to do so.

It is very important to have a satisfying product. It is said so that when only 1 out of 100 products is at fault you can change them or fix them but if your 70 out of 100 products are at fault you have to bear the loss as well as lose customer satisfaction.

Every customer wants to have a satisfying product in their first delivery but if they get a faulty product, 95% chances are that they will not buy again from you anything if you are just a newbie. So you should give extra attention to your final product before it gets delivered.


Your business should some part of your income or profit to donations. Your business will gain respect due to ethical values. It can also be beneficial to your business as your customers will feel that some part of their money will be given to donations. Thus this leaves a positive impact on your business reputation as well as customer loyalty.

4.Reward your customers:

Every person wants to save as much money as they could. They will love the fact that they would receive points by buying your products online. You should give them an offer that by collecting enough points they can get these things or can buy up to this price. Your customers will prefer shopping through you so that they can save more money by shopping from you.

5.Exciting Offers:

Customer loyalty is not earned by a mere one-time special discount or sale. Customer loyalty is earned by continuous efforts. You need to give special offers so that your customer will find your business’s products more friendly to their budget. We are not saying that you should be at a loss forever but if you have a new business you first have to lure your customers so that you can build customer loyalty.

6.Ask for feedback:

After every purchase, your should give your customer an email or have the option on your website to submit a review or feedback. You should ask your customers for reviews or feedback. By doing so you will give them a human touch. Many tests have proved that for doing shopping online they still feel relieved only by human touch. So you should give your customer an opportunity for stating their view so as they feel secure and can see other customers’ reviews too.

7.Reply to feedback:

Your customers give you feedback on some issues or give positive reviews or feedback. Even if it is a bad review or positive you or anyone from your business must reply to their review. By doing so, customers will feel that you are giving them attention and if they need any help regarding the product you will listen to them. This will make them feel secure and thus you will gain customer loyalty.

8.Encourage referral:

Another way to expand your business among people is by encouraging referrals. You can encourage them through a point system such as they can earn this many points if someone new joins your website or app using that customer’s promo code. You can or cant also give points to newly joined customers. In this way, you can grow your business as well as customer loyalty. But remember the points collected should have some worth not just type of game points.

9.Your motive should be clearly known:

We can start any business or manufacture any product but if we want to create some legacy we should know clearly what is the motive of your business or product and how to achieve that motive. If you recognize your motive then you will achieve your goal by moving in that direction without wandering from your goal.

10.Exceptional customer services:

Your business provides specific services. But some of our customers are special and can’t lose them. When they require some exceptional services you should provide them those exceptional services within your range. This will leave a good impression on them. You should not just provide exceptional services to specific kinds of people. You should provide exceptional services so as to gain customer loyalty.

11.Campaign to show your achievements:

You would have gained many achievements but to grow your business and customer loyalty you should campaign your achievement so that your business can gain fame. This will attract new customers and your previous ones will also be attached to your business.

12.Make yourself available:

When any customer approaches you for some query or any other reason you should attend to them or make sure that one of your company’s representatives is present on your behalf. This will lead to a positive impact on customers and will let you gain customer loyalty.

These are the key factors to obtain customer loyalty.


Expect your loyal customers, you will have a lot of new customers for your growth but you also have to try your best to convert them into your loyal customers so that they will return again to purchase your those products or some other or some services. So loyal customers are very important for a business. You can’t just have them through an advertisement or posters etc, you have to earn their trust through various methods.

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