With 0 Investment start most profitable business

In 2021 the people are starting a profitable business. Online businesses are getting more and more famous because of COVID-19. You can start any business with zero investment either online or offline. You can either have profit from the business or you can suffer loss. If you start the business without proper thinking or planning, you will definitely suffer loss. So, before starting the business proper planning containing 4 P’s of marketing, advertisement of business, business ethics, preventing reputation risks, building customer loyalty is very important.

In 2021, There are many profitable online businesses for you to start. You need to do proper planning for a profitable business. Here proper planning includes advertisement of business, evaluation of business performance, business ethics, preventing reputation risks.

The most profitable business:

In 2021, you need to start a business to get your financial independence and prove your worth. The small businesses you can start which require zero investment are:



Nowadays blogging is most popular among peoples. Blogging is the best profitable business for you if done properly with dedication. You can have new ways of interacting with people. Blogging contains new levels of profit and income. You can earn money through blogging while working at home. You can earn money through Google AdSense. The money given by google depends on the traffic driven from which country. You can focus your content according to the country.

2.Property management:

In today’s busy world everyone does not have much free time. People owning buildings, apartments, etc. do not have much time to manage their buildings or collect rent. They seek others’ help to manage their buildings or rental space. You manage the record of their building income, repair, or other expenses. You can either do it by yourself or hire someone to do this. So, this may seem small business type but it of great profit as you will not need to invest a lot of money.

3.Marketing Services:

Just like you, there will be many small business entrepreneurs who are not good at many services. These services like SEO, website management, Advertisement methods, etc. These are life-changing for any business. If you are or have become an expert in any of these services, you can provide these services to other small businesses. With this, you can help many businesses as well as you will have your own profitable business.

4.Food truck:

As you look for a small profitable business you can consider the moving business too. It sounds funny, but it is a lot profitable as you can serve the food on the truck. You can go to special places on special occasions to serve food to other people. You can easily provide food services at a beach party or outside locations. So, the food truck business is a small profitable business.

5.Law Firms:

Law Firms

Legal services are a good way to start your business. You can provide many legal services to people or other businesses too. You can create your own law firm to increase your capacity to handle cases and you will be able to earn more profit. So, this can be a profitable business for you.

6.Business expert:

Everyone can start a business but a few people’s businesses can survive in today’s vast time. If you are an expert in this field, you can assist them. You can offer consultation to other people so that they will be able to grow their business. You can offer your services at some cost decided by you. If you are an expert in the business field and your advice helped others, your consultation will be frequent and more expensive.

7.Social media Management:

A lot of business owners don’t have time to manage their social media account. For business growth, social media account should be up to date. You can provide these services to them or you can even hire other people to do this work. You can create your own small business which will manage other businesses ‘ social media.

8.Logo and design services:

Logo and design services

Every business has a logo that differentiates itself from others. The logo in the market is created at a very high price. You can create a logo for other businesses at a cheaper price than the price offered in the market. Your prices may be less but you will be able to get a lot of customers. Once your business reaches a point you will be able to get a lot of profit. Then you can step up this work and convert it into business. You can hire employees and then you will be able to own a profitable business.

9.Online Courses:

The entrance of the covid-19 pandemic has pushed the learning of anything to the internet. The demand for study material to be online has increased to a new level. Many people have grabbed this opportunity and took benefits from it. You can create courses related to any subject which is highly demanded and sell them on the internet. This will provide you profit for all time as the courses will be created one time and will be sold forever.

10.Day Care:

Day Care

Daycare is the place where children are taken care of under supervision. When parents have jobs but they do want that their child receives enough attention in all aspects then you can admit your child to daycare. They take special care of children and provide the necessary attention for the development of children in all aspects. This business will take your little investment than other above said.


The above profitable business demands no investment. You can increase the level of your business with little investment which may be the profit earned by that business. If you invest time and hard work in any of the above businesses then you will be able to earn profit.

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